posted by: Hampton Inn Vancouver on: August 25, 2017

It’s that time of the year again – time to roll out the red carpets, pop the popcorn, and welcome the stars to our fair city. The Vancouver International Film Festival is returning for its 36th year!


Run by a non-profit dedicated to bringing the arts and the cultures of the world to Vancouver and Canada, VIFF is a beloved local institution that brings all the stars out. With a varied list of movies that you won’t see anywhere else, it’s a movie lover’s dream! Here are some that we’ve already bought tickets for:

The Teacher: A chillingly true to life parable about the dangers of absolute power, actress Karlovy Vary won an award for this depiction of a vindictive grade school teacher who also happens to have a position of power in the Communist party in Bratislava, 1983. She uses her power to get children to do chores, clean her apartment, and if anyone crosses her… An incisive look into abuses of power and forms of resistance. We can’t wait!

The Fencer: A more uplifting tale from beyond the iron curtain, The Fencer tells the story of a fencing instructor who takes a group of Estonian children to an international competition in Leningrad… while also trying to avoid being sent to a labour camp! It’s The Mighty Ducks with real world stakes.

Swagger: Now this is a crowd-pleaser. This movie is a peculiar work of fictional non-fiction, where the film crew worked with a group of immigrant schoolchildren in Paris to record their larger than life fantasies that still manage to capture the backdrop of racial tension and poverty. The exuberant joy of the children shines through while still managing to perform important social criticism. A must see.

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