Congratulations on your ONE year Anniversary Paul’s Club!

Posted on by Hampton Employee

If you’ve ever seen Nita or Michael running around the Hampton Inn & Suites during one of your stays here during the last year you may have realized that are part of a very special program we support at the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Downtown Vancouver. This program is called Paul’s Club and is Vancouver’s only support group dedicated to helping those suffering from early on-set dementia and their families.

Early on-set dementia is described as affecting anyone younger than 65, but it can start as young as 30. This causes unique problems for both sufferers and their families as it can force early retirement, cause financial hardship, and impact the upbringing of any children.

Thankfully we have Paul’s Club! The club provides a safe environment for members to engage in social and recreational activities supported by a therapist and other staff to ensure quality programming that integrates members’ individuality. The program is currently operating 3 times and week from 9AM to 4PM but hopes to open another day by November.

Please consider supporting this great program by going to their website and donating and if you know anyone who is facing this disease let them and their family know that Paul’s Club is here to help!

For more information about Paul’s Club please refer to the following links:



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